Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I love a Korean dance-singer named BOA; she is very famous in Asia,and now she also publishes her album in America. She had an audition when she was thirteen years old and began to prepare for her singer life for a very long time. Finally she had the first stage performance after six year, and she became famous in a short time in Korea. She also published her album in Japan and she is very popular. I have seen her process of growth and I feel she is amazing. She had a very hard time practicing dancing and singing and she went to Japan for study Japanese for singing there in the future. She was dancing and singing for ten hours pr day, and also studying hard in elementary school. So she doesn't have the memory of student life like others in her age. She became well known when she was too young. Many people like her of course, but some people didn't, and being a star is not very easy; there is always some gossip. I don't want to be a musician, because there are many reasons; for example, I am not good at music, and I think a musician's life is too difficult for me, because I love freedom.

Famous singer

Huan Liu is my favorite singer who is Chinese. i like his song because his songs always gives us energy and passion. His song "you and me" as the Olympic Games themes song has a deep impression in my mind. His life is very hard. not only would he have concerts everywhere in China, but also he as a university music professor has classes every day to teach students the knowledge of music. Because the musicians should be hard working every time, i don't want to be a musician. i just want to be a listener, to enjoy the rhythm the music brings me. I like Liu, not only because of his voice, but also because he is always hard working on music. Liu's voice gives me the feeling that my body is full energy and i can't be beaten. So i like Liu and his songs best.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Music in Carbondale

I have been in the Sunset Concert, i went last Thursday; I really like it. It's so different compared to the concerts in my home country; The people enjoy the music, relaxing, and chatting with others. In my country we have other kinds of music like salsa and merengue, which are more fun to me. A surprise for me was the people are so calm; They just listen to the music, and talk with each other. I can tell music brings people together because i saw many cultures, many styles, in one place. I really like those kinds of events and i plan to go again.


It is as crystal that the significance of music can never be exaggerated too much. it is the source of the wisdom. The music is to me as the water is to the fish. I cannot believe that my life without music. So i often go to the Sunset concert in China. The concert gives me the feeling is unbelievable. My body is full of energy after the concert. I am always surprise that the Sunset concert can make me excited. In the end, i find that music comes from life, and your heart also retrieves from life. Beyond the concert, the music gives me the feeling that the best time is now.

Rock Music

As the ever lasting theme in human history. Music has played an indispensable part in human history. I like music very much, and the music is to me as perfume is to the flowers. In fact, i like the rock music best. i always can get the energy from the rock music. I will become excited after i hear the rock music. Fantastic music like blood fills of my body. When i hear the rock songs, i often dream that i am a famous singer. Rock music is the source of the wisdom. It is the corner stone of my life development. It is the backbone of my confidence. My life without rock music is as the world without sun. The rock gives me the feeling that the best is still ahead.

Monday, July 06, 2009

I like rock music

Rock music is my favorite music. Rock music is always exciting. It always gives me passion to do enjoy the boring life. Most of rock music songs always tell us about the true things directly. However, the things we don’t talk about in life, but I can hear in the rock music songs. The rock music can express many kinds of mood. When you are sad or hopeless, rock music can make you brave to face your life. When you are happy, rock music can bring you more happiness. So I like rock music, I need more passion. Rock music is becoming a part of my life.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Classical Music

Classical is my favorite kind of music because it's relaxing. Take Beethoven for example; his music is so relaxing for me. When I feel stressed, I just listen to classical music. Sometimes when I feel bored, I also listen to classical music. Also, it's good for reading some books at home. I have a lot of classical music in my computer. It makes me feel sleepy sometimes. Classical music is the best for me.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Welcome to CESL!

Hello! Things done below this post were done before 094!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has a really interesting life. He started his career when he was a child. He was a black child with a huge voice. When he grew up he started his career as a pop star. When he was a teenager, he had a plastic surgery on his nose and this was the beginning a change in his look. He reached a point when he was the most popular and famous pop star. He reached a point when everybody in the world knew him and know his music or at least knew his name. After that Michael Jackson had surgery that changed his color from black to white. Therefore, everybody knew him. However, he is my favorite singer.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Think She is The Best

There is a famous musician from Lebanon whose name is Nansy Ajram. This girl has a very nice voice. There are a lot of intersting things about this girl which are, she likes to help the poor people and she will never forget about them, she said one time. Also, she likes to dress very well to be good looking in froont of the people. Also when she has a concert and people get around her, she doesn't mind their taking pictures with her, not like the other musicians. The most interesting thing is that she made a lot of money that people can't count because of the concerts that she made all over the world. Finally, this musician is still young and she still got her successful job, and she still helps the people and supports her country in everything.

Soprano Soomi Joe

Koreans have a famous soprano, Soomi Joe. She has clear and high-tone voice. She published many musical records and gives a nice melody to fans. She is single now, so many people show interest in her personal life. For example, people wonder about her boy-friend, marriage, or leisure time. She has lived in Italy for 20 years and conducts her concerts all around the world. Also, she keeps on doing good work for children. However, she said that she has some problem, so she won’t have a baby. Maybe, God gave her a special voice instead of a baby.


Once I saw one of my favorite musicians` concerts. His name is HyoShin Park; I like his voice. I worked in this concert. So, I could see and be near famous people. Also, I have to make it so the stage is set up before people who have to sing a song. When I listen to his song, my feeling is very comfortable and i have a moved emotion. Usually I listen to the genre of sad songs or love songs. So, I want to go to concert. When I was went to the concert, it was very exciting. This reason makes me go to concert.


A famous superstar whose name is Madonna has had an interesting life. There are several reasons that I envy her interesting life. Firstly, she can work and travel all over the world at the same time. This is one of my dreams, that I can work in every different country and visit its traveling destinations. Secondly, we all know that she is one of the richest people in the world. It is so easy for her to make big money; all she has to do is just to sing in front of her fans, and a big amount of money will be put into her pocket. I think nobody would dislike this kind of job. Lastly, she has so many friends and fans to support her. When she had a concert in a foreign country, the audience who had never even seen her before supported her just because of her amazing performance. So, her interesting life is so appealing to me because I want to have a wonderful job just like hers in the future.


In Korea, there is a singer. His name is TeaJinA. His living conditions are a little bit terrible. When he was 20 years old, he did too many different things. He was a dustman, a wrestler, and a cook. He went to the U.S. with his family. He lived in the U.S. for 2 years, and then went back to Korea. He wanted to start being a singer. He prepared for a record. However, his start was not satisfactory. His first album failed, but he did not abandon it. Now he is very famous singer in Korea. His son also is a famous singer. He can succeed because of his tenacity. Now he is very rich. When I learned about this story, I really respected him. I want to live like him. Sometimes distress is good for our life.